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Home > Melbourne: Crown Casino involved in a money laundering scandal
Monday, 23 June 2014
Melbourne: Crown Casino involved in a money laundering scandal
Melbourne’s Crown Casino, Australia, is in shock. A shady deal which involves many personalities, including the famous gambler Pete Hoang, is revealed to the public at a hearing which was recently held in the local court. This well-known client of this sumptuous casino game establishment is accused of laundering money from drugs, robberies... he is said to launder those cashes by gambling at Crown Casino in Melbourne. According to our sources, Pete Hoang is just an underling. He is one of the numerous individuals involved in this affair.

The hearing has fully enabled the court to understand the operating mechanism of those persons. The 36 years-old man is charged of handling the money of crime, a sum which valued at millions of dollars and whose source remains unknown at this time. Jennifer Nguyen Hoang is among the various personalities heard by the court. She said she had been a major client in this gaming establishment, and that she was paid, by betting on that money, for playing with friends in Crown Casino’s High Roller tournament. Online, roulette free bet bonus and casino free bonus are offered to new registered players!

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