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Friday, 04 April 2014
Glendale: The city council in favor of casino
The city council of Glendale has voted against the bill, which allows the Congress to prevent the Indian tribe Tohono O'odham to build a casino near the Westgate Entertainment District. A part of councilors has asserted that the casino proposal could compete with Westgate and its neighboring businesses. Its no deposit casino games would bring income, sales taxes. The casino will be a catalyst of the request on services of the city. But the majority of councilors have decided differently.It has asked to the decision-makers of the city of Glendale, for whom it would be more judicious to negotiate with the tribe. Four councilors say that the casino games with bonus will be a godsend for the economy. This week, Norma Alvarez, Ian Hugh, Gary Sherwood
and Sam Chavira voted the bill, against Trent Franks and R - Ariz, both elected members of the House of Representatives.

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